Best Winter Park Ski and Snowboard Rental Shops

  • The prices and ratings below were effective as of 04.2021

Winter Park Ski Rental FAQs

  • How much are ski lessons at Winter Park Ski Resort?

    Ski lessons vary by private or group and adult vs. children. For the latest pricing, check the Winter Park Ski Lessons page.

  • How much does ski rental cost at Winter Park Ski Resort?

    On average, the cost for a Performance Ski Package in Winter Park, CO is $40 per day.  Renting only the skis or a snowboard is less. Rates may vary for holiday weekends such as Presidents Day.

    Performance Package rates compared

    Off mountain, ski rental is around $40/day
    Ski Rental delivery from Black Tie Skis is $44 with a 10% exclusive discount from Trip Outside
    For the 2020-21 season, an on-mountain ski rental for a performance package will cost you around $52

  • Where to rent skis in Winter Park Ski Resort?

    There are over 10 different ski and snowboard rental shops in Winter Park both on the mountain and in the town of Fraser.
    We have narrowed down the list of all the shops that are rated 4.0 or higher on google on this page. You can book online for in-store pickup or ski rental delivery in Winter Park.

  • Common Ski Rental FAQ

  • I don't see Junior ski rental prices. Do these shops rent kids skis and snowboards?

    Many of the shops listed in the price comparison above do rent kids ski and snowboard equipment. The prices are generally less expensive than adult ski rental and some shops offer deals and discounts on a children’s rental if an adult ski package is also rented. Click on the shop for more details.

  • Can I just rent skis or a snowboard? I don't need the full package.

    Yes, most of our shops also rent just skis or a snowboard. You can rent just the skis, the snowboard or with boots and add-ons like helmets.

    You can also purchase gloves, goggles and more at the shops.

  • How can I save money on ski and snowboard rentals?

    Renting online in advance can save you money. Many outfitters offer online reservation rates that are better than walk-in rates. This helps the shops manage their inventory and plan in advance. It also guarantees the availability of equipment.

  • What is included in the rental package?

    Packages include downhill skis or snowboard, bindings, boots and poles (ski).

  • What are the differences between the types of ski rental packages (Demo, Performance, Sport)?


    Demo (or premium) packages are for the advanced skier that wants a specific ski or snowboard rental to match their specific riding style or matching the skis to the terrain. These are high-end, high-performance skis and snowboards.


    Performance packages are intended for intermediate to beginner levels, typically for groomed terrain and generally have a stiffer, more specialized flex pattern, and may be wider in the waist.


    Sport packages are primarily for groomed runs and intended for more beginner level skiers or snowboarders.

    **All packages include downhill skis or snowboard, bindings, boots and poles (ski).

  •  Winter Park, CO Ski Rental Discounts and Coupons

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    Current Snow Conditions for Winter Park, CO

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