Best Sedona Bike Rental Shops

The prices listed below are for mountain bikes, however the shops may also rent road bikes, cruisers, and kids bikes.

The prices and ratings below are effective as of 02.2021

Shop StandardDemo / High-EndBrandBike TypePerformance

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Learn to MTB

Improve your skills

Get a tour & a lesson! 

$75pp - 1 hr (3+ group)

$145pp - 3 hr (3+ group)

MTB lesson & discounted bike rental Certified instructors

$95pp - 2 hr (3+ group)

Absolute bikes sedona az

Absolute Bikes Sedona in Village of Oak Creek



Specialized, Yeti, Marin, Pivot, Scott

Road, MTB, E-bike, kids,


sedona bike and bean bike rentals



Kona, Niner, Santa Cruz

MTB, Kids


Thunder mountain bike rental sedona

Thunder Mountain Bikes



Evil, Ibis, Revel, Intense, Juliana, Liv, Santa Cruz, Giant, Trek

MTB, E-bikes


*These bikes are somewhere between mid-range and high-end.

Sedona Bike Rentals

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THUNDER MOUNTAIN BIKES (previously Over The Edge)

Over The Edge is now Thunder Mountain Bikes. A true mountain biking shop that lives and breathes the culture and carries the latest and greatest bikes in the industry.

  • 4.9 ⭐️ (199 reviews)
  • Brands carried: Evil, Ibis, Revel, Intense, Juliana, Liv, Santa Cruz, Giant, Trek
  • Rental period: Daily rentals
  • What we love: The number of brands and models that they carry. You can demo some of the hottest new bikes on the market like Revel, Evil and Ibis and try them on some of the toughest trails on the planet. If the bike makes it here, you’ll be sure to love it on your trails back home.


Whether you’re looking for a coffee shop with a biking problem or vice versa, Bike and Bean has you covered for both. Grab a latte, made with fine artisan coffee from a small, multi-generation family-owned producer in Sicily and a full-suspension Santa Cruz mountain bike. Can you think of a better way to spend your weekend?

  • 4.4 ⭐️ (57 reviews)
  • Brands carried: Santa Cruz, Niner, Kona
  • Types of bikes: They have hardtail mountain bikes, full-suspension, and kids bikes for rent
  • Rental period: Bike and Bean offers hourly and daily rates for their bike rentals. You’ll get better discounts for renting multiple days.
  • What we love: Coffee and instant online booking.
  • A broader selection of bike types and models, but they have what you need for a quality ride in Sedona.


Absolute Bikes Sedona is another popular shop with different locations in Sedona and Flagstaff. What we like about Absolute Bike Sedona is that they rent a variety of types of bikes from road bikes, e-bikes, kids bikes, and racks. So if you’re looking for one shop that will please anyone in the group, whether a roadie or a mountain biker or someone that just wants to cruise around the city, head to Absolute Bikes.

They also carry some of the best MTB brands like Yeti

  • 4.8 ⭐️ (82 reviews)
  • Brands carried: Specialized, Marin, Pivot, Yeti
  • Rental period: daily rentals
  • What we love: You can rent a road bike, a cruiser, or an e-bike in their centrally located store in the Village or Oak Creek. You can bike out of the shop to ride the epic trails nearby.


  • eTrekAdventures offers incredible e-bike tours around Sedona.
  • Hermosa Tours is located in Thunder Mountain Bikes and offers all sorts of tour options from self-guided, day trips, and for all abilities

Sedona Mountain Bike Rentals Explained

Premium /High-End Mountain Bike Rentals Sedona

  • Retail for more than $4500
  • Features:
    • Full suspension
    • Dropper seat post
    • Carbon frame
    • Hydraulic disc brakes
    • 1×12 drivetrain

Mid-Range Mountain Bike Rentals Sedona

  • Retail between $3000 to $4500
  • Features:
    • Full-suspension
    • Hydraulic disc brakes
    • Typically an Aluminum frame
    • 1×12 or 1×11 drivetrain

Standard Mountain Moab Bike Rentals Sedona

  • Retail between $2000 to $3000
  • Features:
    • Full Suspension

Hardtail Mountain Bike Rentals Sedona

  • Retail between $700 to $2000
  • Features
    • Front suspension only
  • We don’t recommend renting a hardtail bike if you’re doing some of the technical trails in the area.

Sedona Mountain Biking Trails Map

Sedona Mountain Biking FAQs

Sedona Mountain Biking

  • Where can I rent e-bike cruisers in Sedona AZ?

    You can rent e-bikes from the following shops: If you're staying in Sedona - Thunder Mountain Bike for $55/day If you're staying in Village of Oak Creek - Absolute Bikes for $65/day Downtown Sedona - eTrek Adventures for $175/day

  • Is Sedona good for beginner mountain bikers?

    Absolutely! There are plenty of green/easy trails to ride around Sedona BUT you have to make sure that you know where they are and don't start with trails that may be over your ability/skill level. You can always ask any of the bike shops and they'll point you in the right direction. If you are looking to improve your mountain biking skills, we highly recommend taking a lesson with Sedona Mountain Biking Academy, their team of coaches can get you or your group out on the trails having a blast after just a few hours of important skills training.

  • Where can I rent kids bikes in Sedona?

    All of the bike shops listed on this page rent kids' bikes. We're glad you're getting the little ones out there! We highly recommend trying a family mountain biking lesson from Sedona Mountain Biking Academy. It's a great way to learn new skills that will improve your mountain biking experience, give you more confidence and you get a discounted bike rental included in the lesson if you need to rent one.

  • What type of mountain bike should I rent in Sedona?

    If you are going to do any of the intermediate or advanced trails, we highly recommend trying a full-suspension mountain bike. The trails in Sedona are rocky and the extra suspension is definitely worth the upgrade since it will make the ride much more comfortable and also allow you to have more fun. But don't worry, if your budget doesn't allow for a full-suspension rental, there are trails that you can ride and have a blast on with a hardtail as well.

  • Can you ride e-bikes on Sedona mountain bike trails?

    No, you are not allowed to ride e-bikes on MTB trails in Sedona, but you can always rent one and take them on the dirt roads and OHV trails nearby which are a lot of fun! We recommend renting from e-trek Adventures in Sedona. You can also do a tour of Sedona on the e-bikes, it's a great way to explore the different trail heads and beat the traffic!

  • Types of Mountain Bikes

    All Mountain / Enduro bike rental

    •  Designed for mostly downhill but riding some uphill to get there. Although newer bike designs and drivetrains have made the geometry very uphill friendly
    • Features: Travel between 155mm to 170mm,  27.5” wheels are the most popular in this category.

    Here is an in-depth review of the differences between the trail and all-mountain category.

    sedona bike rentals

    Trail Mountain Bike Rental

    • Features: Between 130 to 150mm of travel, dropper seat posts, 27.5 or 29″ wheels.
    • This is typically the ”Do it all” mountain bike that you can’t go wrong with on most mountain bike trails.

    sedona mountain biking

    Cross Country (lightest – designed for climbing and speed)

    • These bikes are light, have 29″ in wheels typically and are made for long rides that would require a lot of climbing or distance riding.
    • Features: Typically 29″ wheels, carbon fiber with limited features such as dropper seat posts to reduce overall bike weight.
    • Hardtail bikes are in this category as well


    sedona bike rental

    Junior / Kids Bikes

    • Full-suspension 24″ bikes are typically rare to find at most rental shops.
    • 24″ and 20″ hardtail bikes are the common bike rentals for Juniors.

    sedona bike rentals  sedona mountain biking sedona bike rental