Best Bike Rental Shops in Salida, CO

These are the mountain bike rental prices for each of the shops. The shops also rent road bikes, cruisers and kids bikes.

Shop StandardDemo / High-EndBrandBike TypePerformance

Absolute Bikes Bike Rental Salida



Yeti, Ibis, Pivot, Rocky Mountain, Kona, Trek

CKY Salida Bike Rental



SubCulture Cyclery


Salsa, Santa Cruz, Specialized,

Salida, CO Bike Rental Summary

We spent 2.7 hours researching Salida, CO bike rentals, locations, and more. In short, here is what we think:

If you want to rent a high-end/demo mountain bike or want to have the biggest selection of bikes, go with Absolute Bikes Salida as they offer the greatest variety. You also have the option of riding right out of their shop and hitting the Cottonwood Tour and other nearby trails.

You can also rent mountain bikes from SubCulture in Salida, CO, also located conveniently downtown.

If you’re looking to rent cruisers for riding around town only, you can go with any of the 3 bike shops but we recommend reserving them in advance by booking with Absolute Bikes or SubCulture and saving yourself the time and effort.

Shuttle: If you’re planning on riding the Monarch Crest trail, the most well known but advanced/intermediate trail in the area, we recommend planning ahead for a shuttle either with a friend or scheduling a shuttle with High Valley bike shuttle. 

Salida, CO Mountain Bike Rentals Explained

Premium /High-End Mountain Bike Rentals Salida, CO

  • Retail for more than $4500
  • The average rental price a premium MTB is $98/day
  • Features:
    • Full suspension
    • Dropper seat post
    • Carbon frame
    • Hydraulic disc brakes
    • 1×12 drivetrain

Mid-Range Mountain Bike Rentals Salida, CO

  • Retail between $3000 to $4500
  • The average rental price of a mid-range MTB is $73/day
  • Features:
    • Full-suspension
    • Hydraulic disc brakes
    • Typically an Aluminum frame
    • 1×12 or 1×11 drivetrain

Standard Mountain Salida, CO Bike Rentals Salida, CO

  • Retail between $2000 to $3000
  • The average rental price of  a standard MTB is $60/day
  • Features:
    • Full Suspension

Hardtail Mountain Bike Rentals Salida, CO

  • Retail between $700 to $2000
  • The average rental price of a hardtail MTB is $45/day
  • Features
    • Front suspension only
  • We don’t recommend renting a hardtail bike if you’re doing some of the technical trails in the area.

E-bikes / Pedal Assist Rentals Salida, CO

  • E-bikes / Pedal-assist bikes are available to rent in Salida, CO from the following bike shops
    • Absolute Bikes Salida
  • NOTE: You can’t ride an e-bike or a pedal assist bike on all trails in Salida, CO, they are only allowed on some of the trails. Check with the shop to confirm with trails you can take the e-bikes on.

Salida, CO Mountain Biking Trails Map

Salida, CO Mountain Biking FAQs

  • Although you may be able to walk in and rent a bike during non-peak weekends, chances are most bike rental shops in Salida, CO are going to be sold out of bikes during their peak season, or at least the exact bike that you’re looking for. We HIGHLY recommend renting in advance.
  • This will also help you save time on your vacation.  Most of the rental information and forms can be filled out online while you’re at work and supposed to be paying attention in the meeting (don’t worry, we won’t tell).

We list shops with the highest reviews (at least 4.0) on Google to make sure you have the best rental experience possible. If there is a shop that is missing, please let us know. We want to make sure we feature the top local outfitters with the best gear.

Damage protection is a tricky one, predicting whether you’ll need it or not would make us, well… actuaries. But, here are our thoughts on the matter.

  • When it’s worth it:
    • Riding technical trails: most trails in Salida, CO have some degree of technicality. Even if you scratch just the stanchions on the fork, bike shops will charge you a pretty penny. And rightfully so, not only do they have to fix the repair, they may be out of stock on a bike that someone else could rent in the future.
    • Riding premium or high-end bikes:
      • The components are getting so expensive on these bikes, we think it is worth the $10/day to make sure you’re covered.
  • When you may not need it:
    • Riding green / easy trails
    • Riding cruisers around town

Remember, most damage to bikes actually happens during the transporting of the bikes. Don’t try to jam them into your car because you’re trying to save a few bucks on the shuttle or don’t want to rent a bike rack. It’s worth it to have a bike that’s going to be rideable when you get to the trail!

Oh, and remember to check the fine print with the shop. It typically doesn’t cover ALL damage to the bike, there is still a covered/not covered list, it is insurance after all 😉

Types of Mountain Bikes

All Mountain / Enduro bike rental

  •  Designed for mostly downhill but riding some uphill to get there. Although newer bike designs and drivetrains have made the geometry very uphill friendly
  • Features: Travel between 155mm to 170mm,  27.5” wheels are the most popular in this category.

Here is an in-depth review of the differences between the trail and all-mountain category.

absolute bikes salida

Trail Mountain Bike Rental

  • Features: Between 130 to 150mm of travel, dropper seat posts, 27.5 or 29″ wheels.
  • This is the perfect bike for the non-shuttle trails in Salida, CO such as the Cottonwood tour, if you’re planning on riding the uphills

salida bike shop

Cross Country (lightest – designed for climbing and speed)

  • These bikes are light, have 29″ in wheels typically and are made for long rides that would require a lot of climbing or distance riding.
  • Features: Typically 29″ wheels, carbon fiber with limited features such as dropper seat posts to reduce overall bike weight.
  • Hardtail bikes are in this category as well


absolute bikes salida co

Junior / Kids Bikes

  • Who rents full suspension 24″ bikes
  • 24″ and 20″ kids bikes are available to rent from most other bike rental shops in Salida, CO

salida bike trails  absolute bikes salida salida bike shop

Salida, CO Mountain Biking Videos

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