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Best Canyoneer Rentals and Tours in UT - Zion NP

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Rappel Slot Canyons & Climb Zion’s Towers
FROM$140 per 5 hrs
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Zion Rock and Mountain guides are experienced and intimately familiar with Zion National Park. They have been trained in climbing, canyoneering, mountain biking, yoga, and the history of the park.  Your time in Zion may be limited, so let them help you make the most of it!read more

Zion Canyoneering FAQs

  • Is Canyoneering Dangerous?

    Canyoneering risks and dangers are very real and that is why we recommend going with a guided outfitter or taking a full canyoneering course before you start. 

    • Hypothermia - you can get it even if its hot outside. Because you’re in the Canyon, sunshine is often limited to only a few hours a day and you’re likely to be wet. The combination can result in hypothermia so make sure you pack accordingly. 
    • Flash Floods are very common, even if there is no immediate weather danger as rainfall further away can cause flooding in the canyon that you're done. 
    • Getting Lost is a common problem as there are no signs or posts telling which way to go in a slot canyon, how you can get out and the exit points in case of an emergency. 
    • Getting stuck is a reason that you should not go Canyoneering alone. Not only can you get stuck in a rock, in a hole that you can't climb out of or run out of rope.
    • Rockfall injuries is a reason why most outfitters will have you wear a helmet. Not only can rock fall on you from the top, but even in the process of rappelling and climbing up on rocks, you can easily hit your head on hard redrocks. Always wear a helmet! These reasons are not there to scare you from trying Canyoneering, but taking the risks seriously and going with a certified guide or outfitter. We only feature the best outfitters in the industry to take you on this incredible experience! It is one of the best adventures that you'll do in your lifetime and one to remember! 

  • Where are the top places to Canyoneer in Utah?

    Zion National Park and the national forest surrounding the park is the most famous destination for going Canyoneering in the world. Escalante National Monument, also in Utah is another very popular destination. Kanab, UT is a popular destination close to Zion without the crowds of Zion National Park. Moab has incredible arches and slot canyons to explore outside of Arches and Canyonlands National Park https://www.canyoneeringusa.com/intro/canyon-ratings has ratings for different canyons around the world.

  • What is Canyoneering?

    Canyoneering is the activity of making your way down slot canyons using variable maneuvers and usually requiring the assistance of rope and rappelling techniques. You typically start from the top side of the canyon and start making your way down the slots, although in some cases you could choose to rock climb up and Canyoneer down, this is rare. At times the canyons are really narrow where you have to turn sideways and squeeze your way through them, or wide enough where you can get your body in a horizontal position and superman your way across it. There are so many techniques and positions that you get to try! There is often water involved in Canyoneering, even in the dry season.

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