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Best Raft Rentals and Tours in UT - Moab

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Desert Highlights

Desert Highlights

Rock Climb, Canyoneer, Packraft

FROM$95 per 4 hrs
Based on 223 reviews

Canyoneering, rock climbing and packrafting trips from Desert Highlights will lead you through Moab's stunning water carved canyons. You will be taught the necessary skills to help you navigate Moab's red canyons with confidence by Moab's first guiding company.read more

Paddle Moab

Paddle Moab

Rafting, Canyoneering, Climbing, SUP & Kayak Rentals & Tours

FROM$40 per day

Paddle Moab is a locally owned adventure company that offers unforgettable adventures on the rivers and the rocks. They make sure you have the time of your life with their rafting trips, kayak and SUP tours and rentals, rock climbing and canyoneering tours, and multi-sport adventures. Paddle Moab makes it easy to explore Moab's beautiful canyons, stunning gorges, and red rock towers. Their tours offer everything from calm, serene flat water stand up paddling to the adrenaline of whitewater rafting and kayaking. Hike the beautiful desert or feel the rush of a 120' rappel. They truly have something for everyone in Moab!read more

Red River Adventures
FROM$69 per 3 hrs

Red River Adventures offers both single and multi-day rafting trips through some of Utah’s most beautiful landscapes! Some of Moab's best guides, smaller and more fun paddle rafts, and limited group size make for an incredible day filled with fun and excitement. read more

FROM$45 per 2 hrs
Based on 538 reviews

Canyon Voyages Adventure Company's experienced professional guides lead rafting and kayaking trips in Moab. They also offer the largest fleet of raft, kayak and canoe rentals in Moab. Explore Moab’s stunning scenery with Canyon Voyages! read more

Navtec Expeditions

Raft, Canyoneer & Kayak Tours & Rentals

FROM$40 per day

moab rafting

The town of Moab and its surrounding vast red rock landscape is Utah’s ultimate adventure playground. What other place can you visit multiple national parks, mountain bike unbelievable singletrack, rock climb slickrock, slide through narrow canyons, and raft down the infamous Colorado river through high red rock walls all within a few miles from town? Moab is one of the best adventure destinations in the entire world. Its red rock landscape boasts over 800 miles of biking trails, the mighty Colorado River, a maze of canyons and sandstone towers for climbing, and 2 of Utah’s most infamous National Parks – Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.

river rafting moab

Beyond Moab’s towering rock formations and canyons are the Colorado River and Green River – two major destinations for river activities in the Moab area. Both rivers have sections that cater to challenging whitewater rafting adventures as well as calm, relaxing river trips and SUP, kayaking, and packrafting tours. Exploring the Colorado and Green rivers is a great way to discover the gems of Moab via the water.

things to do in moab

The section of the Colorado nicknamed Moab Daily is a famous section of the river for rafting and inflatable kayaking. The 13-mile stretch alternates between several sets of Class I through III rapids and flat water. Moab Daily meanders through gorgeous red rock scenery with views of the Fisher Towers, Castle Valley, LaSal Mountains, and Arches National Park. The full 13-miles trip makes for a great beginner and family-friendly rafting trip. It requires a shuttle, and starts 23 miles up highway 128 after the junction with 191, and ends 10 miles up at the well signed Take Out beach. For a shorter trip, there are many other put ins and camping areas along the highway. For flatwater kayaks or SUPs, the 8-mile section of water from Big Bend campground to the 191 bridge takeout offers a great, mostly calm water day trip, with a few smaller rapids depending on the time of year.

Westwater Canyon takes it up a notch with Class III and IV rapids, and is best done as a guided rafting trip. It is often compared to the Grand Canyon due to it’s unique geological formations and rapids. Day trips and multi-day trips are available for Westwater Canyon.

Moab river activities can range from a day trip to mult-day paddling and camping adventures. Day trips call for the usual essentials like sunblock and quick-drying clothes. For multi-day activities, adherence to Leave No Trace policies are a must, including packing out everything you bring in – including human waste.

moab bike trail

After experiencing the water, don’t miss Moab’s biking trails. Considered one of the best biking locations in the world, Moab is home to more than 181 miles of unique, flowing singletrack through slickrock and out of this world scenery.

best time to visit moab

The best time to visit Moab is in spring and fall. The months of February through early May and September to November are best weather in Moab. Early spring and late fall are the best times to avoid Moab’s influx of tourists.

moab raft rentals

TripOutside features the best local rental shops and guided tour providers for Moab rafting, biking, rock climbing, canyoneering, packrafting, kayaking, SUP and more!