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Best Biking Rentals and Tours in UT - Moab

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Double Down Bike Shop

Double Down Bike Shop

Fast, easy online reservations

FROM$20per day
Based on 166 reviews

Rider owned shop that rents the highest quality Kona, Revel, Canfield Bikes, Niner and Kona E-Bikes!read more

Rim Cyclery

Rim Cyclery

Mountain bike rentals from Moab's oldest bike shop

FROM$50per day
Based on 411 reviews

Rim Cyclery is Moab's oldest mountain bike shop, located right downtown Moab. This family owned bike shop is a local and world-wide favorite for all of your Moab mountain biking needs. Rim Cyclery rents road bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers, kids bikes and trailers by Scott. read more

Chile Pepper Bike Shop
  • No Booking Fees

Chile Pepper Bikes is located just 10 minutes away from Moab's top adventure spots. Gear up with Chile Pepper Bike Shop and be ready to take on Moab’s best trails like Slickrock Bike Trail, The Whole Enchilada, Amasa Back Trail, and Magnificent 7!read more

Professionally guided mountain bike trips in Moab. Half, Full and Multi-day tours available.read more

Magpie Cycling offers half-day, full-day and multi-day tours. They also offer lessons and skills clinics. Private and group tours available. read more

Western Spirit Mountain Bike Tours

Multi-day mountain bike and road bike tours

FROM$995 per 4 days

moab utah biking

The town of Moab and its surrounding vast red rock landscape is Utah’s ultimate adventure playground. What other place can you visit multiple national parks, mountain bike unbelievable singletrack, rock climb slickrock, slide through narrow canyons, and raft down the infamous Colorado river through high red rock walls – all within a few miles from town? Moab is one of the best adventure destinations in the entire world. Its red rock landscape boasts over 800 miles of biking trails, the mighty Colorado River, a maze of canyons and sandstone towers for climbing, and 2 of Utah’s most infamous National Parks – Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.

moab bike trail

Moab is an absolute mecca for mountain biking. With hundreds of miles of trails, Moab appeals to bikers of all skill levels. While the riding tends to lean toward challenging in many areas, beginners to the sport can find smooth singletrack complemented by panoramic views and mesa tops at the Klonzo, Klondike Bluffs and Bar M trail systems.

moab bike rentals

Compare the best local bike rental shops in Moab and book your gear online on TripOutside. TripOutside also features rock climbing, canyoneering, packrafting and other paddling adventures for after your ride!

These are the shuttle companies that you can book a shuttle from in Moab

Whole Enchilada Shuttle Company
Moab Cyclery Shuttle
Coyote Shuttle

Whole Enchilda (the very top)

Moab Brand Trails (Bar M)

Mag 7


Porcupine Rim Lower Trailhead




Hazard Pass



Double down bike shop is rider owned and operated rents latest mountain bike brands from Revel and Kona.
Rim Cyclery is the oldest running bike shop in Moab and located centrally in Moab.
Chile Pepper Bike Shop has the highest rating and a large variety of brands like Evil, Esker, Liv, Giant, Norco, Intense, Devinci, Salsa, BMC and Transition.
Moab Cyclery is located in the middle of town and offers their own bike shuttle.
Poison Spider is one of the busiest bike shops in town. A great line up of bikes and the staff is helpful but parking may be an issue.
Bike Fiend is a smaller shop with a limited bike brand selection of Cannondale, but they do offer bikepacking rentals in Moab which is super cool.

Although you may be able to walk in and rent a bike during non-peak weekends, chances are most bike rental shops in Moab are going to be sold out of bikes during their peak season (March-May), or at least the exact bike that you’re looking for. We HIGHLY recommend renting in advance. This will also help you save time on your vacation. Most of the rental information and forms can be filled out online

Damage protection is a tricky one, predicting whether you’ll need it or not would make us, well… actuaries. But, here are our thoughts on the matter.

When it’s worth it:

Riding technical trails: most trails in Moab have some degree of technicality. Even if you scratch just the stanchions on the fork, bike shops will charge you a pretty penny. And rightfully so, not only do they have to fix the repair, they may be out of stock on a bike that someone else could rent in the future.
Riding premium or high-end bikes:

The components are getting so expensive on these bikes, we think it is worth the $10/day to make sure you’re covered.

When you may not need it:

Riding green / easy trails or riding cruisers around town

Remember, most damage to bikes actually happens during the transportation of the bikes. Don’t try to jam them into your car because you’re trying to save a few bucks on the shuttle or don’t want to rent a bike rack. It’s worth it to have a bike that’s going to be rideable when you get to the trail!

Oh, and remember to check the fine print with the shop. It typically doesn’t cover ALL damage to the bike, there is still a covered/not covered list, it is insurance after all 😉

Rim Tours mountain bike adventures don’t do rentals, but they only offer Moab bike tours and some of them look pretty epic.
Moab Cyclery also offers half-day and full-day mountain biking tours of some of the best trails in Moab starting from $75/person BYO-Bike or $105 with the bike rental.
Magpie Cycling offers multi-day tours, skills instructions, day tours, and private tours. They have a broad assortment that could fit exactly what you’re looking for.
Western Spirit is one of the biggest mountain biking tour companies and offers tours not only in Moab but in some of the top destinations in the US. They have a pre-set schedule of trips that you can join and also offer private trips.

You couldn’t possibly think of another place on the planet where you can get a bigger variety of technical terrain to learn mountain biking skills.

MMTBI (say that 3 times fast) offers mountain bike clinics that you can drop in to for 1.5 hours to private individual and group skills clinics.

RimTours and other tour companies also offer instruction as a tour package offering.

If you have an extra day, have a beginner in your group that wants to get some Moab terrain under their belt or if you want to advance your MTB skills, we highly recommend taking a lesson.

The best way to save money in Moab is by renting in advance and booking for multiple days. In comparison to other destinations around the country, Moab is more expensive in bike rentals but for a good reason. The bikes here require a lot more maintenance and repair as the trails are super technical and demanding.

We didn’t find any â€Â�Couponsâ€Â� for Moab bike rentals, but most shops do offer multi-day discounts. So you’re better off renting from 1 shop for multiple days.

The bike you choose to rent is going to come down a lot to preference and the type of riding that you like to do. But, here are some recommendations if you don’t know where to start.

For Shuttle rides: Rent an All-Mountain/Enduro style bike.

All-around riding: rent a trail bike. You’ll be able to climb the ups but still have enough bike for the downs.

Check with your bike shop if you have questions before you visit, it can be hard to swap out for another bike when you’re already at the shop

Moab Utah Weather
The best time to visit Moab, Utah is either Spring (March – May) or Fall (Late August – October) as it gets very hot during the summer. Early spring and late fall are the best times to avoid Moab’s influx of tourists. Summer is really hot in Moab and due to the lack of shade, riding should be completed early in the morning – many shops require bike rentals to be returned by late morning.

If timing is not an issue, we would always pick September to ride in Moab because you can be guaranteed that the Whole Enchilada is open (which it won’t be in the Spring due to snow).

Moab Weather by Month
June through August can be extremely hot and dry in Moab and you would only want to ride very early in the morning. Check with your bike shop to see if they will even rent you the bike for the full day.

Moab Mountain Biking Trails Information
Discover Moab has the best written information on the trails and how they are organized by difficulty, regions and includes the most detailed information on the trails.

The most popular areas to ride in Moab are:

Whole Enchilada Trail: World famous mountain biking trail and the most popular in the Moab area.Depending on the season Burro Pass down to the LaSal Mountain Loop Road opens around July 1 and closes in September or early October. Check with the local shops or check the trail status online.

34.1-mile point to point shuttle ride
Not for beginners, intermediate to advanced riders will love this trail but it is still a workout, don’t let the all downhill overview of this trail fool you.
Consists of many different trail sections such as UPS/LPS and the famous Porcupine Rim

Mag 7: Mag 7 is a short name for the 7 trails that into one amazing ride: Gemini Bridges Rd., Bull Run, Arth’s Corner, Little Canyon, Gold Bar Rim, Golden Spike, Poison Spider, and Portal.

Intermediate to expert level trails
How to ride: the MTB project page offers great options on how to best ride the trails, where to park and if you need to shuttle or not.
Note: Poison Spider and Portal are extremely difficult trails and the consequences of a fall at the wrong place could be fatal. Please check with the shop and do your research online if you’re planning on riding these trails.
You can ride the first 5 trails and bailout and still have an amazing ride.

Captain Ahab / Amasa Back: Take on the steep, technical and fast Captain Ahab trail in the Amasa Back area, or for the same incredible views but a slightly less technical ride, take on the newer Hymasa trail nearby.
Navajo Rocks Loop: This is one of the most scenic cross country style trail networks in Moab. It can be ridden as half a loop of the entire loop. It’s easy to access, does not require a shuttle and has some amazing slick rock riding and features.

A great trail for a cross-country/trail bike rental with lots of ups and downs but no big climbs or long downhills.
A perfect ride for those who are looking for a cardio workout and not a downhill shuttle ride
17.4 miles, 95% singletrack

The Moab Brand Trails (Bar M): This is the closest network to town with 16 trails, slickrock ridng, and the easiest to access trails that offer something for everyone. We would recommend this area if you want to warm up on some easier trails and get a feel for the rocky Moab terrain. This is a great area for a group to get to and ride all types of variety in terrain difficulty.

Features a trailhead with parking
Close to town
~40 miles of trails

10 Green / Beginner
10 Blue / Intermediate
1 Advanced

The Klonzo region: Klonzo incorporates flow singletrack with small rock gardens and slickrock for an all-around Moab biking experience across its 24 trails.

Non-motorized singletrack trails near Arches National Park.
Klonzo is split into South (easier) and North (more intermediate) zones by the Willow Springs Rd.
You can connect to the Bar M trails using the Zephyr trail

Klondike Bluffs: Located a bit further north than Bar M and Klonzo and offers similar style of cross country riding. Klondike features 27 trails with excellent beginner and intermediate options and spectacular views of Arches National Park.

Features: Dinosaur tracks and the most fun up and down (advanced) ride, EKG
68 miles of trail

12 beginner trails
14 intermediate trails
11 advanced trails

Dead Horse Point Mountain Bike Trails: This is a great network that has fantastic kids, beginner and intermediate riding opportunities with some of the best scenery around. Bike along the edge of canyons and peer down at the gooseneck of the Colorado River!

3 green/beginner
6 beginner/intermediate
Beautiful views of Canyonlands National Park
$10 entrance fee
No shuttle required

The great thing about Bar M, Klonzo, Klondike Bluffs and Dead Horse State Park is the variety in trails – there are options for everyone from beginner to advanced!
Best mountain biking trails in Moab according to MTBProject

Best Mountain Biking Trails in Moab According to TrailForks
Moab on Trailforks.com

Road Biking in Moab
Moab is also home to some of the best road biking routes in the West including the La Sal Mountain loop road and the Blue Mountain loop. With little to no traffic, mild to wild terrain, rolling hills, flat roads, steep inclines, and gorgeous views, Moab is an excellent year-round road biking destination.

Mellow rides start at Potash Road – a 33.4-mile out and back route that has gentle, flat roads for road biking beginners. For more of a challenge, try the Needles Overlook route with its hills and climbs. For expert road bikers, don’t miss La Sal Mountain’s 62-mile loop featuring steep and steady climbs and fast descents.

The road biking routes of Moab are mostly out and back and loops are fewer. However, the out and back trails can feel like loops, and the incredible scenery will make sure you never get bored. The routes can be pretty remote, so make sure to bring extra essentials and an emergency response plan. Pack enough water – the air can be extremely dry and the sun is hot.

Please Consider Giving
Moab Mountain Bike Association is Moab’s chapter of the IMBA and creates a voice for the Moab mountain biking community and mountain biking visitors to Moab.


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