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Best Biking Rentals and Tours in UT - Moab

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Bighorn Bike Rental – Bar M Trailhead

Bighorn Bike Rental – Bar M Trailhead

No transport required - Trailhead Mountain Bike Rentals

FROM$50 per day
Based on 83 reviews

Bighorn Mountain Biking provides Moab riders with the most convenient way to rent mountain bikes by having locations right at the two most popular Moab trailheads for beginner and intermediate riders. Choose from a Marin hardtail or full suspension with easy pickup at Moab Brand (Bar M) trailhead or Dead Horse State Park! They provide personalized service, route recommendations and terrain and bike safety tips to ensure your Moab biking adventure is absolutely unforgettable. read more

Bighorn MTB Rentals – Dead Horse State Park

Bighorn MTB Rentals – Dead Horse State Park

Mountain bike rentals at Dead Horse State Park

FROM$50 per day
Based on 83 reviews

Bighorn Mountain Biking provides Moab riders with the most convenient way to rent mountain bikes at Dead Horse State Park. Choose from a Marin hardtail or full suspension with easy pickup at the trailhead! They provide personalized service, route recommendations and terrain and bike safety tips to ensure your Moab biking adventure is absolutely unforgettable. read more

Double Down Bike Shop

Double Down Bike Shop

Rider owned Moab mountain biking shop

FROM$30 per day
Based on 166 reviews

Rider owned shop that rents the highest quality Kona, Revel, Canfield Bikes, Niner and Kona E-Bikes!read more

Rim Cyclery
Based on 108 reviews

Rim Cyclery is Moab's oldest mountain bike shop, located right downtown Moab. Rent premium Scott brand mountain, cruiser, road and electric bikes for adults and kids. This family owned bike shop is a local and world-wide favorite for all of your Moab mountain biking needs. read more

Moab Cyclery

Moab Cyclery

Mountain Bike Rentals

FROM$60 per day

Moab Cyclery is a mountain bike shop centrally located on Main Street in Moab which specializes in mountain bike rentals, tours, and shuttles. They offer a lineup of standard, mid-range, premium and pedal assist mountain bikes from Specialized, Santa Cruz and Juliana.read more

Chile Pepper Bikes is located just 10 minutes away from Moab's top adventure spots. Gear up with Chile Pepper Bike Shop and be ready to take on Moab’s best trails like Slickrock Bike Trail, The Whole Enchilada, Amasa Back Trail, and Magnificent 7!read more

Best Moab Bike Rental Shops

We spent 6.3 hours researching mountain bike rental prices, locations, and more. (Updated for Spring and Summer 2021)

Bighorn Mountain Bike Rentals – At the trailhead (Bar M and Dead Horse)

Bighorn Mountain Biking offers the most convenient way to rent mountain bikes in Moab, especially for beginners and intermediate riders. They have locations at the Bar M (Moab Brand Trailhead) and the Dead Horse State Park. This helps you eliminate the need for transporting your bike, driving to the trails, and then driving it all the way back to town.

They offer Marin brand bikes in hardtail, full-suspension and kids mountain bikes. If you’re just getting started in Moab and don’t want the hassle of transporting your bikes, this is the shop to go to.

  • 5.0 ⭐️ (155 reviews)
  • Mountain bike rentals: From Marin branded bikes in standard and performance level. They offer an entry-level hardtail bike that is only $50/day to rent
  • Kids bikes
  • E-MTB: None

Double Down Bike Shop

Double Down is an owner-operated shop that is centrally located in Moab with ample parking. They rent Revel, Niner and Kona branded bikes and focus mostly on mountain bikes, although they do rent cruisers as well. Their line up of the Revel bikes like the Rascal and the Rail would be the ones to try.

  • 4.9 ⭐️ (165 reviews)
  • E-MTB: Kona Process Remote
  • Mountain Bikes: Revel, Niner, and Kona branded bikes.
  • Cruisers and E-bike cruisers: From Kona in the regular and E-bike versions of the Dew.
  • Other items rented: They rent hitch mounted bike racks from Thule, Kuat, and have the Northshore style hitch rack that holds 6 bikes.

Rim Cyclery

Rim Cyclery is the oldest bike shop in Moab, and one of the oldest mountain biking shops in the country! They have a full line up of Scott bicycles from the road, mountain, kids bikes, and e-bike cruisers. We recommend Rim Cyclery as the shop for road bike rentals, the owner Sarah is a road biker and can help you find the best routes in Moab.

  • 4.6 ⭐️ (95 reviews)
  • Mountain bike rentals: From Scott branded bikes in standard, performance, and premium. They also offer an entry-level hardtail bike that is only $50/day to rent
  • Road bike rental: Scott Speedster road bike rentals for the paved riding
  • Kids bikes, trail behinds, and trailers: Rim offers a large selection of kids bike rentals out of most of the shops in Moab. Not just the bikes, but also trail-a-bike and bike trailers.
  • E-MTB: None

Moab Cyclery

Moab Cyclery is located in the middle of town, and offer their own a bike shuttle and tours.

  • 4.3 ⭐️ (234 reviews)
  • Mountain bike rentals: Santa Cruz and Specialized brands
  • E-MTB: Specialized Turbo Levo 29er and Santa Cruz Heckler
  • Kids: They offer one model of kids bike, Specialized Rip Rock
  • Road bikes: N/A

Chile Pepper Bike Shop

The Chile Pepper Bike Shop has an epic line up of brands like Evil, Esker, Liv, Giant, Norco, Intense, Devinci, Salsa, BMC, and Transition.

  • 4.8 ⭐️ (599 reviews)
  • Mountain bike rentals: Full suspension mountain bikes only in a very large selection of brands and models. Try the latest Esker Elkat or the Evil Offering on some of the toughest trails in the world.
  • E-MTB Rentals: are available in two brands and models from Giant Reign E2 and Norco Sight 29 Volt C3
  • Road bike rentals: available in a Giant Defy or Liv Avail advanced
  • Hybrid bike rentals: If you want to ride around town or hit the bike path, these are the perfect choice
  • Kids bike rentals: Chile Pepper offers hardtail and full-suspension kids bike rental options from Norco, Transition, and Giant.

Poison Spider

Poison Spider is one of the busiest bike shops in town.  A great lineup of bikes and brands and the staff is helpful but parking may be an issue.

  • 4.5 ⭐️ (452 reviews)
  • Mountain bike rentals: Standard to high-end bikes from Trek, Yeti, Ibis, and Rocky Mountain.
  • E-MTB: Trek Powerfly
  • Kids: 20″, 24″ and 26″ hardtail and full-suspension bikes
  • Road bikes: N/A
  • Cruisers: N/A

Bike Fiend Moab

  • 4.8 ⭐️ (134 reviews)
  • Mountain bike rentals: Cannondale and Blaze cycles hardtail and full-suspension options
  • E-MTB: The Cannondale Moterra NEO 2
  • Cruisers: Available to rent for bike path riding
  • Road bikes: N/A
  • Kids: N/A
  • Offer bike packing bikes and gear for rent!

Moab Bike Rental Coupons

We didn’t find any ”Coupons” for Moab bike rentals, but most shops do offer multi-day discounts. So you’re better off renting from 1 shop for multiple days.

Recommended Bike Type for Moab Trails

Shuttle rides: Rent an All-Mountain/Enduro style bike.

All-around mountain biking: rent a trail bike. You’ll be able to climb the ups but still have enough bike for the downs.

Taking the bike path or exploring the city: We recommend an E-cruiser bike so you can cover lots of miles and see all that the area has to offer.

Exploring the paved backroads and getting some miles in? Visit Rim Cyclery or Chile Bikes to rent a performance road bike

Check with your bike shop if you have questions before you visit, it can be hard to swap out for another bike when you’re already at the shop.

Moab Mountain Biking FAQ

  • What you do not have to bring/pack for a Moab mountain biking trip?
    • A Repair Kit! The bike shops will provide you with a flat repair kit with each rental which includes a pump, tube, tire levers, patch kit, and small multi-tool. If you like your super rad, extra special multi-tool be careful that it doesn’t get confiscated at airport security!
    • Helmet! Basic bike helmets with all rentals but if you like your custom POC helmet with a TripOutside sticker (like me) then go ahead and pack it. It may take up space in your carry-on but at least it’s light!
    • Pedals! The shops will have flat, SPD, Time, and Crank Brothers pedals on hand… just indicate your preference when booking. If you like your pedals, you are more than welcome to bring them and we will install them for you.
  • What to bring on the Moab mountain biking trip?
    • Hydration Pack or Backpack! It is very important to bring a sufficient amount of water on rides in the Moab desert. The shops will also have a fantastic selection of hydration packs for men, women, and children if you are in the market for a new one!
    • Gloves! The shops have a variety of excellent gloves for men, women, and children available at the shop. Stop in a grab a pair if you aren’t in love with the ones you have.
    • Shoes! Lucky for the shops, they don’t rent cycling shoes. If you plan to use clipless shoes on your ride, you will need to pack your own or pick up a new pair at the shop!
  • Do I need to rent a bike in advance in Moab?

    If you are visiting Moab in the Spring or Fall time and during a weekend, we highly recommend renting a bike as this is the busiest time of the year and most shops are running out of bikes.

    You can also make sure that you get the best fitting bike and the exact one that you want without making any sacrifices.

  • Where can I (and can't) mountain bike in Moab?

    Moab offers so many incredible trail systems to choose from. Before we get into all the amazing places where you can mountain bike, let’s discuss where you can’t mountain bike. Arches National Park and Canyonlands Trails have incredible trails but they are only open for hiking. You can only mountain bike on the roads and the 4×4 roads inside of the parks. The best mountain biking in Moab is outside of the national parks.

    We recommend checking out Discover Moab, MTB Projects, Singletracks and Trailforks to review the trails and the systems that you want to ride.

    The most popular trails in mountain biking trails Moab are:

    The Whole Enchilada (only available to ride after July and until snowfall in October-ish)

    UPS/LPS and Porcupine Rim

    Navajo Rocks

    Bar M Trails

    Klondike Bluffs

    Bar M trails

    Amasa Back 

    Dead Horse State Park

    The Slickrock trail

    Mag 7 trail system


  • What are the best Moab mountain biking trails for beginners?

    In general, bikers come to Moab to ride some of the most technical trails that the world has to offer but don’t let that turn you away from trying mountain biking as an activity while you’re in Moab! The city has done an incredible job building new trails over the past few years to meet all skill levels.

    If you are relatively new to mountain biking, we recommend starting off on some of the green trails listed here on MTB project and on Trailforks. But these apps can be tricky because it shows each trail and not the best beginner-friendly systems where the trails are located. The best option is to stop by a bike shop and ask the staff.

    Overall, we feel that the systems below are the most beginner-friendly in Moab that offer the most green (beginner) and blue (intermediate) trails.

    Bar M trails also known as Moab Brand trails (16 mins from Moab)

    Klonzo Trail system (35 mins from Moab)

    Klondike Bluffs trail system (30 mins from Moab) furthest from town but provides opportunities to see dinosaur footprints!

    Deadhorse State Park – (45 mins from Moab) one of the best views of the area but it requires an entrance fee.

    When you get to these trailheads, look for the trails marked in green and start with those. If those seem easy, you can work your way up to the blue trails.

  • What is the best season to visit Moab for mountain biking?

    The best time to visit Moab, Utah is either Spring (March-May) or Fall (Late August – October) as it gets very hot during the summer. Early spring and late fall are the best times to avoid Moab’s influx of tourists. Summer is sweltering in Moab, and due to the lack of shade, riding should be completed early in the morning – many shops require bike rentals to be returned by late morning.

    If timing is not an issue, we would always pick September to ride in Moab because you can be guaranteed that the Whole Enchilada is open (which it won’t be in the Spring due to snow).

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