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Increase your monthly sales

Sell your rentals and activities and drive more footsteps into your door

Optimize your business

More online bookings means less phone calls and back and forth with customers. More sales, less tasking

Exposure to new customers

Exposure to large outdoor audience looking for outdoor adventures

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We know that you are very busy and don’t want you to have to do extra work. That is why we integrate seamlessly with most leading industry software to send you bookings directly into your system.


Instant, effortless access to our marketplace! Little to no work required from outfitters.

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We offer plans for all levels and there are no setup fees – you don’t pay a dime until we get you a booking! You can start with our beginner plan and then decide if you want to ramp up your marketing to get more bookings.

No upfront costs. Sign up and start getting customers!

No software, no problem

Get your shop online quickly and easily with our booking request process. We can even provide a solution for your own website! No complicated software necessary.


Customer submits rental request on TripOutside


You receive a booking request with an option to approve the booking


Booking confirmation notification is automatically sent to customer

How much do we charge you for this booking solution? Absolutely nothing. You’re welcome to use this on your own website as well for free.


We strive for 100% outfitter satisfaction!


“Tripoutside have been easy to work with and we have enjoyed a successful partnership in our first season working together.”


“An extra $2000 in rentals in the first month! I stumbled upon this amazing site and they set us up for online rentals in just one day.”


“Great company to work with” – Ian

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Frequently asked questions

We integrate seamlessly with third-party booking platforms like Fareharbor, Bike Rental Manager, Checkfront, Rezdy, Rezo Systems, Easy Rent and more. If you don’t use a booking platform, don’t worry! We also have a self-service tool that allows you to start getting bookings from TripOutside. When users book through TripOutside, their reservation and booking details show up in your booking system or inbox.

Absolutely! As long as you’re taking reservations in your business model today, we can send you all of the details that you require for a reservation electronically. You can approve or deny the reservation electronically as well and the customer will receive the appropriate notification.

We want to grow your business! Get you as many leads as possible so you can get more customers through your door. Once you identify that the online booking system is working for you, we encourage you to start thinking about software as it will help you optimize your day to day operations and reduce tasking.

Do you provide access into the outdoors? Here are the considerations we go through when selecting a partner:

  • Rental provider of human powered adventure outdoor gear. Bikes (any), kayaks/canoes/SUP/Surf, Windsurfing, kiteboarding, camping gear, rooftop tents, skis, snowboards, snowshoes, XC skis, backcountry gear rental, package rentals of multi-day trips. Anything you can get creative with!
  • Activity providers of outdoor adventures: tours, lessons, skills clinics and unique experiences.
  • A partner with great service: We evaluate business reviews from customers on rating sites and come up with a weighted average to ensure that you are rated at least 4.3 stars.
  • A partner that cares for land that we all love to recreate in and works to protect and preserve it for future generations.
  • We love working with open minded, creative companies that like to collaborate together to solve the problems for our customers (i.e. our outdoorsy friends)

We provide hundreds of options for our users that allows them to enjoy the outdoors. There a few industries that we do not serve, however:

  • We only feature human powered activities. We don’t add four-wheeler rentals, boat rentals, motorcycles etc.
  • Hunting or fishing related gear rental or activities.
  • Any gun related entertainment activities. Outdoor shooting ranges etc.
  • Any company that uses animals for entertainment.