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FAQ Category: Zion Biking

How much are bike rentals in Zion National Park?

You can rent a bike from the town of Springdale, UT, right near the park entrance. Bike rentals..

  • April 3, 2021

What do I need to know about biking the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive?

This information is taken from the National Park Service for the most accurate information from..

  • April 3, 2021

Where can I leave my bike in Zion National Park while I go explore?

There are bicycle racks at the Zion Canyon Visitor Center and each shuttle stop along the Zion ..

  • April 3, 2021

Where is the Pa’rus Trail in Zion National Park?

The Pa'rus Trail is a 3.4 mile out-and-back trail that runs along the Virgin River between the ..

  • April 3, 2021