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Kayaking Puerto Rico
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Puerto Rico is one of the few places on the planet where bioluminescence occurs. Take an eco-friendly kayak trip to the Bio Bay, or visit the white sand beaches of a tropical island by kayak, and snorkel with turtles and vibrant coral gardens.read more

fajardo puerto rico

Located on the east coast of Puerto Rico, the city of Fajardo is known as ‘the city that guards the Carribean. Just 30 miles from San Juan and 25 miles from Isla Verde, Fajardo is a popular destination for kayaking and water sports. The city of Fajardo is the gateway to Culebra and Vieques – top Puerto Rico destinations frequented for their beaches, islands, and cays. A trip to Fajardo will take you to the stunning Cabezas de San Juan National Park, gastronomic food stops, and midnight escapades to three famous bioluminescent bays. The city is laid back and safe – San Juan and Fajardo are some of the safest places in Puerto Rico.

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Fajardo takes kayaking up a notch with its sought after bioluminescent bay night kayaking tours that take guests to one of the earth’s best kept secrets – glow-in-the-dark waters. Each tour is led by guides who add in live commentaries and interpretations about the ecosystem and Fajardo’s glowing bays. There are three bioluminescent bays to choose from – the uber-popular Mosquito Bay in Vieques, Laguna Grande in Fajardo, and La Parguera in Lajas. Mosquito Bay features the brightest bio bay in the world – the water literally glows. Laguna Grande is the closest bio bay from San Juan, and is famous for its long, narrow canal that amps up the experience. La Parguera is the only bay where you can swim. TripOutside features activity providers that will guide you to the bio bays.

things to do in fajardo puerto rico

Apart from kayaking, Fajardo is also a great spot for sight-seeing and adventure. Home to one of the largest marinas in the Carribean, Fajardo has become a hot spot for anyone who loves sailing, parasailing, and catamaran chartering. The best time to visit Fajardo is between November and January – the weather is significantly cooler.